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Data collection in Arviat – Round 2



A radio announcement about the research on Arviaqpaluk Radio Station 96.5 FM helped inform the community of developments, including information about a second round of interviews taking place in the community in March.  The 20-minute broadcast–facilitated by Research Assistant Kim Arualak and Inuktitut-speaking interpreter Nicholas Arnalukjuak–allowed me to outline my research and future plans. In addition to new interviews, this second trip to Arviat also allowed for “member checking” which involves meeting with some participants who have already given interviews to review a written or oral summary of their interview.  This strategy is an important way of ensuring accuracy of research results by ruling out any misinterpretation by the researcher in what was said during interviews. Participants are given an opportunity to “fine tune” their responses to better reflect their perspectives. The next trip to Arviat in April will involve a focus group interview where emerging themes and issues in this study can be discussed with some community members.

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