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Study benefits from transcribers with Arctic connection

I would like to acknowledge and express my gratitude to Linda Potyok, a transcriber for this study who works steadily transcribing audio-interviews of participants in preparation for the next step of this research which involves analysis of the interview data.  Linda brings her decades of northern experience to this project.  She has been a court transcriber in the fly-in Courts in Nunavut for two years and is familiar with Inuit communities in the Arctic.  Linda will soon be joined in her efforts by Dawna Bilko who has a deep connection to Nunavut having worked in the territory as a court transcriber for more than a decade, including significant experience with fly-in courts.  This study benefits considerably from the experience of these transcribers with an Arctic connection who are familiar with the administration of justice in the Far North, Inuit communities, geographic and cultural references and the overall context of this study.  I am most grateful to both Linda and Dawna for their support in this endeavour.

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